WHO Is 7Figure Property Empire?

WHO Is 7Figure Property Empire?

The 7Figure Property Empire Story:

In November of 2017, our CEO Ryan Luke decided it was time to stop messing about and to grow his property portfolio. 

Serendipitously, it turned into so much more than just a guy wanting more for himself. 

He utilised his personal profile, Messenger, and other Facebook Groups to grow his business quicker than he ever thought possible, a unique way in the property industry. 

Within a short space of time, he acquired 10 properties in a 5 day period, which scaled into 21 properties in 7 months and after figuring out how to be more efficient a further 40 in the following 6 months

From simply making a commitment and utilising his marketing skills this was all possible. 

All The While,

He was scaling so quickly that a lot of people started to ask how he was doing it, and also telling him to "slow down" but that wasn't in his DNA. 

He knew he had discovered a unique angle into the property world and wanted to hit the accelerator: Meanwhile more people kept asking him how he was doing it so he decided to put together the 7Figure Property Empire group. 

Again, he continued to scale the business and started to diversify into other property revenue streams including Serviced accommodation, HMO's, mini mo's, lease options and really drive his net wealth up through acquiring run down properties that needed modernising. 

He realised that this was something more that he could do...

So he started offering a coaching program teaching people exactly how to grow, engage, and monetise a property business through Facebook and in a little over a year of running that idea he had helped 100's of property entrepreneurs get started and follow in the same footsteps of building a property portfolio for themselves. 

Within a year of focusing more on delivering an amazing program and building a support team, he went from getting clients a bit of success to huge results. 

And the best part? 

We've helped over 17 entrepreneurs scale past £10k per month in the last year. 

If you want help creating a property portfolio, or if you do have a portfolio and want to scale, click "Apply To Work With Us" on this page and book a free strategy call with my team.